9 Month Female Mewing Before and After Transformation

7 Amazing Mewing Before and After Photos

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By now, you’ve probably heard all about mewing (if not, definitely read our comprehensive mewing guide). It’s the weird and wonderful practice of positioning your tongue against the roof of your mouth, plus some other exercises, supposedly improving your health and looks.

But does doing THAT really improve your face shape (especially your chin, cheekbones, and jawline), fix crooked teeth, and make you breathe better!? Apparently it does.

For this article, I’ve compiled a list of seven mewing transformations with before and after photos, so that you can see some of the effects mewing has supposedly made to both males and females, young and old.

Guys’ Mewing Progress: Before and After

Alright — enough talk! Let’s jump into the male mewing progress photos we’ve collected for this post. In total, I found four of them. These mewing transformations range from a single month to four months in duration, and the results are really quite interesting!

2 Months of Progress

2 Month Male Mewing Before and After Transformation

To kick things off, I chose one of the most impressive mewing transformations I could find. Amazingly, these mewing progress pictures were taken just two months apart!

What is immediately apparent in this individual’s transformation is the strong, defined jawline in the after photo, which definitely wasn’t there before. Of course, a certain amount of the visible change has to be attributed to the slightly different angles in these two photos, but some change in the lower jaw is hard to deny.

One other mewing effect you can notice in these progress pictures is the forward advancement of the maxilla: the skull’s central bone. You can see this change best if you look at the upper lip in the before and after photos — the entire mid-face looks like it has been pushed forward!

Considering that mewing is said to work best in teenagers, these adult mewing results are even more remarkable.

1 Month of Progress

1 Month Male Mewing Before and After Transformation

This impressive one month mewing transformation comes from an eighteen-year-old Reddit user. Although the lighting and facial position are different in these two photos, there still appears to be some progress.

The most notable change in this particular before-and-after is the stronger jaw position. While the chin recedes considerably from the lips in the before photo (left), a month of mewing appears to have begun correcting this. Also, the skin around the cheek area appears to be more taught; this could be due to concurrent weight loss, or improved swallowing habits.

4 Months of Progress

4 Month Male Mewing Before and After Transformation

These mewing before and after photos show a seventeen-year-old male on both ends of his four month mewing journey. While the before photo (left) was clearly taken from further back than the after photo, the jawline seems to have improved thanks to mewing.

In addition to the facial shape, another effect you might notice in this set of progress pictures is the healthier, closed position of the lips in the after photo. Finally, if you look at the head as whole, you can see that this individual has also grown into a more upright posture.

3 Months of Progress

3 Month Male Mewing Before and After Transformation

Here are the before and after photos taken across a three month mewing transformation. Thankfully, the lighting and facial position in these two photos are a lot more consistent than in the previous examples, which makes it easier to compare face shapes.

While the jawline does appear stronger in the after photo, these mewing progress photos also show a significant improvement in general upper-body posture. What do you think?

Girls’ Mewing Progress: Before and After

For now, that’s it for our male mewing before and after photos. That leaves us with the female progress pictures, which also show considerable improvements thanks to the magic of mewing!

1 Month of Progress

1 Month Female Mewing Before and After Transformation

Whereas the other transformation photos in this article focus on face shape — especially the position of the lower jaw and maxilla — these progress photos focus in on the change in teeth alignment across just one month of mewing.

This female before-and-after comparison appears to show a slight, natural improvement in the alignment of teeth. I definitely wasn’t expecting to find that when researching mewing results! Could this really be the work of mewing, or is it just the brighter lighting making us see things?

9 Months of Progress

9 Month Female Mewing Before and After Transformation

These incredible nine month mewing progress pictures are taken from the front, for a change! As usual, the lighting is a little different in the two photos — but the facial position is almost identical.

The effects of mewing are two-fold in this transformation. For starters, you can see how the chin takes on a stronger position (as in previous before and after photos), pulling the lower lip forward with it. Secondly, mewing appears to have given the cheeks a more slender, angular look. Overall, this transformation is an undoubtable improvement in her appearance!

10 Months of Progress

10 Month Female Mewing Before and After Transformation

This ten month transformation looks like it was also accompanied with some weight loss. In any case, the mewing effects in these before and after photos are centered on the mouth.

As in other progress photos in this article, the entire jaw has moved forward. More interesting in this photo is the upper lip. In the after photo (right), ten months of mewing appears to have pushed the entire maxilla (the large bone below and around the nose) forward into a more prominent position.

Also, some change is visible in the definition of the face — as you can see by looking at the cheeklines to the immediate left of the nose.

How to Get Started with Mewing

If these mewing results have inspired you, definitely check out our complete guide to mewing. It’s full of great advice on how you can get started yourself, and it also features some clinical evidence for the sceptics among you!

More Amazing Jawline Before and After Photos

If you’re seriously interested in improving your jawline and general facial aesthetics, you probably don’t care whether it’s mewing or something else that gets you the results. In fact, there are a couple of alternatives to mewing:

In this section, we’re going to take a brief look at some of the before and after transformations from each of these alternatives.

Jawzrsize Before and After Photos

Jawzrsize Jaw Exerciser And Neck Toning

This facial exerciser functions just like chewing gum. How couldn’t it work?

  • Works like gum
  • Best for jawline gains

Jawzrsize was once a facial rehabilitation tool. Founder Brandon Harris saw just how effective it was, and redesigned it as a facial exerciser to build and improve your jawline. Needless to say, some of the results are pretty impressive…

In this Jawzrsize transformation, there’s a pretty amazing improvement in the lower face. What was previously a weak, rounded jawline has become square and masculine. The cheeks show greater definition, too. Finally, as a result of the improved jawline and slimmer cheeks, the nose appears more in-proportion with the rest of the face.

Facial Flex Before and After Photos

Facial Flex Facial Exercise and Neck Toning Kit

This well-made facial exerciser really works, and there’s evidence to prove it.

  • Clinical evidence
  • FDA approved

Facial Flex was designed specifically to improve facial appearance by working the facial muscles. It does an excellent job of tightening up lose skin, and has impressive clinical evidence supporting it.

In this Facial Flex transformation, you start to see why some people use the word “facelift” when talking about this exerciser. The skin is significantly tighter and has an overall healthier appearance, perhaps as a result of increased circulation. The jaw has a more defined shape, while the eye bags have almost completely disappeared.

Chewing Gum Before and After Photos

Falim 100 Pieces Sugar Free Chewing Gum

This chewing gum is the cream of the crop when it comes to building your jaw. Sugar free and extra strong.

  • Sugar free
  • Multiple flavors

Believe it or not, chewing gum — especially Falim brand — will also improve your facial appearance. The idea is the same: you work your facial muscles by munching down on gum.

In this chewing gum transformation — which specifically used Falim brand gum — there’s a stark difference in the shape of the jawline before and after. The jawline is much more pronounced, with a squarer, more masculine shape. As a result, the entire face shape appears to have changed.

How to Take Great Before and After Photos

If you’re starting your own facial transformation, you probably want to take your own set of before and after photos. Like me, you might be frustrated with just how poorly the progress pics on this list were taken.

Here are some tips on how you can take great mewing before and after photos:

  • Use the same lighting (artificial lighting is easiest to control)
  • Sit in the exact same position (use markings on your wall, desk, or counter to help orient yourself)
  • Ask someone else to take the photos for you (they can compare side-by-side to make sure the angle and lighting is the same)

Otherwise, good luck on your journey, and make sure to read my complete mewing guide!


  1. I’m 45 and I’m really worried I have left it too late to start mewing. Do you know of any success stories in older people?

    1. Author

      Great question! I haven’t seen any myself, but I will keep an eye out and update this list if I find any.

    2. Hi I’m on my early 30s and its never too late. Even if you start at an advanced age at least you get the benefit of proper breathing and sleeping. Overall improvement in health

  2. I’m starting mewing from today! I’m so excited for this and also a bit skeptical. But let’s see what happens if I do it consistently.

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