Mewing Benefits: Why You Should Adopt Proper Tongue Posture

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Proper tongue posture, also known as mewing, has a wide range of purported benefits. From improving the shape of the jawline to fixing snoring once and for all, the simple technique boasts impressive results.

It may sound too good to be true, but Dr. Mew, the British orthodontist who popularized proper tongue posture, has some convincing reasons on how mewing can benefit both your facial appearance and health in various ways. In this article, we’ll discuss eight of those potential benefits.

Benefits of Mewing

Proper tongue posture is said to have both cosmetic and health benefits. In other words, not only can mewing make you more attractive — it can also improve your quality of life.

The cosmetic benefits of mewing include a more defined jawline, more prominent cheekbones, and an overall “more attractive” facial appearance. On the other hand, the health benefits of mewing are mostly related to improved breathing habits.

Let’s talk about these benefits one by one.

1. Improved Facial Appearance

Proper tongue posture involves holding the tongue against the roof of the mouth. Dr. Mew believes that by applying a small amount of pressure to the roof of the mouth, it’s possible to move the central bone of the skull (the maxilla) upwards and forwards.

If you look at my compilation of mewing before and after photos, you’ll see that this simply makes the face look better. It’s hard to explain why, but it gives the face a “fuller” look.

2 Month Male Mewing Before and After Transformation
Here’s another amazing before and after photo. The face simply looks more attractive!

2. Improved Jawline and Cheekbones

Zygomatic bones in mewing
The cheekbones (zygomatic bones) are located on either side of the maxilla. Use this image.

Mewing can also improve your jawline and cheekbone appearance in several different ways. First of all, mewing pushes the maxilla forward, pulling the cheekbones with it. This makes them more visible.

Secondly, mewing encourages you to swallow correctly, which allows the buccinator muscle (used by infants for sucking) around the cheeks to break down. This creates a more defined facial appearance by revealing the cheek and jaw bones.

3. Support for the Eyes

It’s also said that by pushing the maxilla up, you give your eyes a better platform on which to rest. This might result in a less baggy or sullen look around the eyes, since the tissue below the eyes doesn’t sag as much.

4. Expansion of the Palate

The most obvious benefit of all: mewing makes your palate (the roof of your mouth) wider. While this isn’t an immediately noticeable benefit, it’s believed that a wider palate reduces the likelihood of developing crooked teeth, since there’s more space for the teeth to fill.

5. Improved Swallowing

With proper tongue posture, you use your tongue to swallow instead of relying on your face muscles. This allows for complete swallowing as opposed to partial swallowing, thereby reducing acid reflux.

A side benefit of improved swallowing technique is that your face may look leaner. This is because the facial muscles used for swallowing (like the buccinator muscle) won’t develop as much, helping to reveal the cheek and jaw bones.

6. Better Breathing Habits

Since proper tongue posture requires you to close your mouth, mewing will force you to breathe through your nose. The benefits of breathing through your nose are plentiful: less nasal congestion, reduced sleep apnea, and improved energy.

7. Reduced Snoring

Reduced snoring is another possible benefit of mewing. This is likely the result of improved breathing habits (read: breathing through your nose), but I thought it was worth mentioning separately.

8. Feel Better

Posture actually has a lot to do with your overall health. In fact, your body’s orientation is closely related to the processes of your body. It also has many psychosomatic benefits. So, as you might expect, an improved oral posture will just make you feel betterwhich is a health benefit in and of itself.

Unconfirmed Benefits of Mewing

I’ve also heard claims that mewing can fix an overbite. However, there’s very limited evidence for that claim and little reason to think it would. I discuss this topic in-depth in this article.

Other purported benefits which I’ve found little evidence for include:

  • improved sex drive
  • improved facial symmetry
  • straighter teeth

and others.

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